Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Last week Kalysa picked a yellow cast. Yellow has always been the color I associate with Kalysa. It just fits her-so bright and lively. It is one of her favorite colors. I guess she did not know yellow was an option because this is the 4th time she has been through casting but she has never had yellow. I decided to also demonstrate how Kalysa takes a bath while she has a cast on. Luck for us she is still small enough to fit in the kitchen sink. We use the spray hose to rinse and wash her hair. We have turned a small basket upside down and filled the tub with just a few inches of water. Kalysa had her foot up on the basket and was able to lay down to wash her hair. Only problem was she kept trying to put her other WET foot on the basket. It just was easier to stick her in the sink. We have one more cast scheduled after this. I'll let ya know what color she gets.

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