Friday, March 20, 2009

To God be the Glory!

God has really been blessing us in so many ways. I tell ya, I knew he would provide needs and wants but I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast. In this new year, Monty and I have both been really been trying to learn to pay our tithes faithfully to the church. When you have not been trained that way from the start, it is extremely difficult to muster up the faith all of a sudden and trust God to do what he said he would. Then in the month of February, we had a series of sermons on stewardship. They were really great and we both really learned alot. We have tried to give "what we could" but now are giving what we should. It really helped to realize that we are not giving God 10% but instead he is letting us have 90%. WOW! When he lets us have 90%, how could we ever think that we could do better by keeping any of God's part than He will do for us. I know God will and does provide-I never doubted that he CAN-but my issue has been the fact that I have done sooo wrong for sooo long, why would God even WANT to bless me. Well I am here to tell ya he does, and here is some proof. On Friday the 6th, my washer quit. I had done a load of laundry and when it was finished and I was putting them into the dryer, they were soaking wet. I had to squeeze them out before drying them. I ran another load(real small one) to see what was happening and found out that it was not spinning AT ALL. It did not even TRY to spin. Did not even making the whirrringg noise like it wanted to spin....just stopped, drained and that was it. I called my grandma, since she is the garage sale queen, and it was a Friday afternoon, and she does have a cell phone now. She had already hit every garage sale in town and had seen no washers. She was pulling up to her last sale of the day but said there was no mention of a washer in the ad. Well wouldn't ya know she called me back and said she asked that lady if she had one and she sure did! It was not advertised and was at a different house but she had one. I got a washer for $40 and never even had to be without one for a full day! I tell ya, God is Good-All the Time-All the Time-God is God! It would really be great if that were the end of the story. A few weeks back I had been looking at some furniture and wishing we could get some space saving captains beds and get rid of some dressers. I never mentioned it (out loud)because it just was not something that was possible for us to do at this time but I guess someone heard anyway. The day after we got the washer, a friend texted to ask if anyone wanted a full size bed with 8 drawers and a pillow top mattress. Someone she worked with just wanted to get it out of their garage. WELL I WANTED IT! The couple wanted it out of their garage so bad that they not only GAVE us a bed that was probably close to $1000 new but they even delivered it to our house. It is gorgeous and Kenyon now has a bigger bed with all his clothes tucked into the space saving drawers underneath and his books and cds and radio and model car all nice and neatly displayed on the shelves of the head board.

Monty had a great time putting it together and see where he is sitting....

That is the space under the bed, between the drawers for extra storage accessible by a neat little trap door in the foot board.

OK, so I thought it was for extra storage but apparently it is now the club house of one very excited almost 11 year old boy.

AND-daddy gets to be a member of the club!

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