Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homeschool Convention

It is that time again. Just about a month and a half left until our big homeschool convention is held May 1 and 2. I got my OCHEC magazine in the mail this week and now I am SUPER excited! This is just my 2nd year to homeschool and therefore just my second convention. At last years convention, mom and I tried to take in everything we could. I had so much fun and really enjoyed the workshops I attended. It is just so uplifting to be in one room with a couple thousand other (mostly) like-minded homeschoolers. If ever I feel alone in this journey, I just have to remember the crowds of people trying to hear every speaker with smoke coming from the ends of their pens trying to take note of every word spoken so not to miss one single inspiration given and polite but still on a mission parents as they look through every curriculum book available waiting to hear the Lord say "This is the one! This is the one that will automatically make your children brilliant and teach them to love Me with all their hearts regardless of the faults of the teacher. BUY IT MY CHILD! BUY IT!" Oh no-I am not alone! After I left the convention last year, I was inspired and pumped up and oh so excited for the new school year. The Lord did lead me to the curriculum we are using-although I am not sure it is automatically making my kids everything I and the Lord would have them to be-but I am very happy with it. I did not do any buying at the convention last year. Mainly because I had no idea what I was looking for when I started and did not take money so I would not be tempted to make impulse purchases. This year I know what I want and am hoping to be able to do some serious shopping. Getting the OCHEC magazine in the mail has brought back that same excitement I felt last year. I read the articles of some of this years speakers and saw some of the titles of the workshops and I have to say, I think it is gonna be awesome. One of the most exciting parts for me this year is that Amy and a few ladies from her church are making the trip from the Texas panhandle to attend our convention. I love being able to share this homeschool journey with my very best friend. I can feel the excitement and anticipation building for a great new school year. It came at just the right time too. I needed that feeling and inspiration to keep going for the rest of this year. We have had a good year but the momentum has slowly been dwindling. The arrival of one little magazine in my mail box has given me a new boost to finish strong. We have to finish up so we will be able to start the AWESOME new school year I now know we are gonna have. So what about you? Are you going to a homeschool convention?

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes I do want to go!! Like you stated, it is a great way to get new inspiration and hear different ideas. I love looking through the books and finding just the right ones for the girls. Rainbow Resource section is my all time favorite for treasures at a good price. But many times over there is a lonely vendor with bookshelves of used books that I spend most my dollars. You can find some wonderful deals. The place that I plan on ordering for daughter 1 will give me 10% off and free shipping if I order at the convention. YEA! Then you get to share everything with your best friend, what a DOUBLE BLESSING! I hope to see y’all there.
Love, DeDe

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