Thursday, March 19, 2009

My little Glori-Bell

I am a little late on posting the update on my little Glori-Bell(a nickname I have called Kalysa since she was tiny-now I am having to teach her that her middle name is just Glori not really Glori-Bell!). She went with blue for what was originally going to be her last cast but that has changed. She will now have 2 more. I will explain....when your foot is at a 90* angle-flat on the ground-that is zero. Every degree you pull your toes up is a positive number and every degree you push your foot down is a negative number. Normal range of motion is + or - 25 to 30. When Kalysa started this set of casting, she was at a -30 and that was as close to zero as she could get. Each week she has made progress. Before this new blue cast, she was only getting about a +5 so we have added 2 more weeks of casts and then she will have a splint to wear.

Last week, after the blue, she picked red. She was able to stay at zero really easy and got to about a +12. Another therapist met us at her appointment this time and made the mold for her splint. They will have it ready they day she gets her last cast off as well as a pair of cute little pink and grey sneakers that are made to fit the splint easily. They have a deeper inside so the leg that she doesn't have a cast on will have extra insoles so she will be balanced. Today she got her last cast. She choose green(l'll have to post a picture later. She is too busy enjoying the wonderful spring weather to pose for pictures.) She was able to get to +18 so we are gonna do some extra stretches this week and see how far we can get it. It does not look likely (especially since this is her 4th time for botox and casting) but it would just be wonderful if the casts and the splint would do the trick and she was able to avoid surgery. Please keep her in your prayers.

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