Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It has been 6 days so far with no phone! Last week, when we were getting lots of rain, my phone had a lot of static on the line. By Thursday it was so bad I could not hear anything else. My mom told me how to check if it was my inside lines or the phone company's outside lines-it was outside. I put in a trouble ticket. The good news is I wont have to pay anything because it is the phone company's problem; however they are not gonna get it fixed until at least Thursday the 18th! A whole week! I wasn't sure how I was gonna make it but at least I still have internet(don't know why when I have no dial tone.) I sure hope they are gonna credit our bill for the week with no service. I haven't talked to my grandma or Amy in a week but I am still making it-I just wish I knew if they were!


Amy said...

You're still making it? I am barely hanging in there. Give me the number to your telephone company so I can call them and let them know what an emergency it is to get you turned back on. I miss you and I have so much to tell you. The definition of a best friend is someone you can brag to, complain to, be a no it all to, someone who agrees with you even though both know they are probably wrong. Someone who will listen to you when you talk about facial hair, junk in the trunk and details about the last trip to the dentist. Someone who doesn't mind a lull in the conversation you are having and know what " I am having a bad day!" or " I am having a good day!" really means. Someone who will listen to you talk about God and blessings and heaven and hell and doing right and doing wrong and not get offended. I love you so much and this break from conversation has made me realize how much I take you for granted. Can't wait to talk again. I am so glad I can call someone out of the blue just because, and not really have anything to say but Hi, how is it going and the converstion is on it's way. We will save the world one conversation at a time. At least in our eyes we will. Love ya and can't wait to talk again.

P.S. Brad says he is sorry and that he was wrong. He is sending the money to me instead so I will split it with you!

char said...

I am making it but BARELY!!! What is keeping me holding on is knowing that I WILL talk to you again!!! I miss you too. Thank you for all the nice comments and if everyone else would just listen to us; We would solve the worlds problems. Thanks for getting Brad (Pitt) in line-I knew you could get through to him. Love ya and when I have a phone you'll be the first to know!

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