Thursday, September 18, 2008

WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?!? (not mine!)

Of course I am talking about the democrats that are in power in congress and the one trying to get power of the white house. Our gas prices have been through the roof for like 50 years now(at least that is how long it feels when I drop another $75 to fill the van). Common sense tells us that if we were making our OWN fuel instead of being at the mercy of countries that don't even like us it would be a better deal. We all know the democrats in congress have prevented us from drilling for the resources that God gave us to use right here in our own soil. Well the pressure was on them. People have stopped blaming Bush for the gas prices(of course they still blame him for everything else) and have demanded that the congress drill here now. Well they have passed a bill to allow drilling. Only problem is it probably would not amount to any drilling here. They are trying to force the president to veto a drilling bill in order to place the blame back on him. In case you have not read about it, here are few of the problems with their bill....
1.drilling must be over 50 miles from shore-we already know where the oil is within the 50 miles so we would have to bypass the massive amounts we know about to begin exploration for it elsewhere. Nobody can SEE 50 miles. You can not even see for 20 miles so this point can not be added to protect the beauty of the beaches. It is just a way to prevent the drilling.
2.The state would have to agree to the drilling but would not be allowed to benefit from any of the findings. OK-so the state has to say go ahead-don't use what we know we have-here is the money to explore for more-here is the money to drill it -We get nothing but we don't care-YEA RIGHT!!!! One more way to prevent the drilling.
3.They also include huge extra taxes for the oil companies-again-if we go get all this oil 50+ miles from shore we will be taxed even more than we are now. Everyone knows things always get better with MORE taxes, right?-NO THANKS! (no drilling)
4.And the biggest problem with the bill is that most news outlets will not report the details of the bill and most Americans will not read it. When is does not pass the Senate or Bush is forced to veto the stupid thing the democrats will say-See we tried to help the little guy but the republicans would not let it happen-WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!

Now on to NObama! It has come out that on his trip to Iraq a while back he met with the leaders there and asked them to hold off on any negotiations with America about our troops leaving until AFTER the election. This idiot would not admit that we were winning the war there until about a week ago but HE NEW WE WERE ALL ALONG! He wanted to be sure that nothing Big(that Americans would all see) happened until after he was elected president so that he could then take the credit for it! He bashes Bush on his war efforts (and McCain for supporting them) every chance he gets but then tries to stack the deck so that he can look like the hero. WHAT A LOSER!!! Is there really anyone in America that has not seen through this liar yet? Can anyone really be considering voting for him? I don't see how.

The democrats always try to claim that they are the ones that are for the little guy. They must BE the little guy because the only ones they are trying to help are themselves!!! I know one thing for sure-THEY ARE NOT ON MY SIDE!

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