Monday, September 15, 2008

BIG GOD!!!!-little giants

Last week we had a revival and preachers meeting at church. We had a different preacher each night (Sun-Fri) and 4 preachers on Tuesday morning during the preachers meeting. It was definitely different with so many speakers. God is sooo amazing! The preachers were all from different areas and told to preach whatever God gave them. All the messages tied in together like it had all been planned out(which I guess it had and His plan always works best). I did miss a few nights but God used the days I was there to give me just what I needed. I thought I would share some of the points that really hit home with me from one of the messages.

We were reading from Numbers 13 when the 12 men were sent out to check out the promise land. Ten of them saw some BIG GIANTS and a little God and were scared to go in. Two of the men, one being Caled, saw a BIG GOD and, oh yea, there are some little giants as well. Caleb remembered God's promise and knew He would fulfill it. Caled remembered all the times God had taken care of them on the journey and knew He would continue to do so. Caleb did not know how they would overtake the giants, he just knew they would. CALEB TRUSTED GOD!!!

How many times do I look at the BIG GIANTS in life and see God as so small? WAY TO MANY!! I have got to stop looking at things backwards! I must remember that my GOD is BIGGER than any problem I face. I know that He has promised to never leave or forsake me. He made the promise and it is my job to BELIEVE it always. He will not/can not break a promise. HE IS GOD!!! He took care of me yesterday, he is taking care of me today, and he will take care of me tomorrow! I don't want to follow the crowd of untrusting men that forgot what God had done for them all along. I don't want my kids to follow the crowd of unbelievers that did not expect God to fulfill his promise. I want us to follow God! There is no reason that we can not live our lives as Caleb did. We just have to have faith. We have to always remember who we serve-an Almighty, All Powerful God that loves us. When I see what is normal in our society I can get discouraged. When over half of marriages fail, how can Monty and I stay married until death-don't know but God can do it! With all the corruption in the world now, how can we raise 3 children with character and some morals-not sure but God is working it out. With all the times I find myself being impatient and inconsistent, how can I homeschool 3 well educated children-no idea but He brought us to it and He will take us through it! I trust Him! I DO TRUST HIM! I HAVE to trust him or my life would be a wreck. The thing I have to work on is trusting Him ALWAYS! EVERYDAY! EVERY HOUR! EVERY MINUTE! EVERY SECOND! There are still times that I see the giants and get a little intimidated. I have to stop that. I just have to remember at ALL times BIG GOD-little giants!

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