Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In Kenyon and Jacinta's studies we are "traveling" around the world and learning as we go. We are in North America now. We finished up studying the United States about 2 weeks ago where we learned the 50 states, learned about deserts and desert animals, and memorized all the presidents. At the end of our stay in America, we cooked a typical American meal-sloppy joes, fried potatoes and green beans-and had some good ol' apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. That Mrs. Smith is one good cook! We had applied for our passports and when we received them(after I made them), we headed to Mexico. It was a short flight but the landing was kinda ruff, probably because it was my first time to fly a living room. We all had to go through customs, get out passport stamped with a Mexican flag and exchange cash for (homemade) pesos. Twenty bucks gets you over 200(I don't remember what the exact exchange rate was) pesos so the kids thought they were rich! Kenyon did try to exchange his (homemade) pesos back to American money (my $20 bill) after a few minutes saying he didn't want to buy anything while he was in Mexico. Yea, he thinks he is slick but they had to pay for their lunches with pesos. We are reading a missionary story about Cameron Townsand that worked with Indian tribes in Mexico and translated the New Testament into their own languages. We have learned about what the colors on their flag stand for and other interesting facts about the country. We are nearing the end of our stay and are planning a fiesta! We will be making homemade tortillas and of course we had to have a pinata(or 4). By the way-did you know pinatas actually originated in Italy? It is true but they are now a staple of the Mexican lifestyle. Anyway...we have a Hannah Montana head, Fred the dinosaur, a duck(whose head has fallen off), and a Bob the Tomato paper mache pinata in the process of drying so they can be decorated for our fiesta. Above are a few before photos, I will be sure to post the after photos before any of them get SMASHED!

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Amy said...

The picture of homeschool happiness! May it always be that way. Looks like fun. Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see the finished project.

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