Tuesday, September 2, 2008


WOW! When I first decided to blog I thought it would be really exciting. I could just imagine writing the wittiest post and have tons of comments from like minded people as we all rejoice in the truths of my thoughts. Well I haven't even really started and it is a little nerve racking! People are actually LOOKING at what I wrote(not a lot of people but someone other than just my sister or my mom!?!?!) I did not post yesterday because I just did not know what to write about. What if I sound stupid or am totally boring? I want people to enjoy my writing if I am gonna take the time to do it. I feel like I have to live up to someones expectations and I don't even know who that person(or people) is. And what if my friends from church read and realize through something I wrote that I am even less spiritual than they thought? What if an old friend that I have not seen in a long time reads and my thoughts have changed so much since we last talked that they don't know or want to know me anymore? What about other people in my family that do not hold all the same beliefs I do? WHAT IF I OFFEND SOMEONE WITHOUT EVEN MEANING TO??? I tell ya it is a lot of pressure and I was not expecting it.

Well I better just tell you now....I have never really cared a whole lot about what others thought of me. I know I am a sorry sinner that falls short everyday but I also know that through God's grace, truth is available. I want the truth. This is my search for and sharing of that truth. If I feel it, then I think about it. When I think, it most often leads to research, prayer and reading until I know it. When I know it, I usually talk about it. I say what I feel and often times before actually thinking about how it will be received(editing may help with this some but I doubt it will work completely.) When I feel strongly about something, I can get quite passionate about it. I truly do not intend to offend anyone but if you are offended by my feelings or thoughts than I believe you have bigger issues(unless I PERSONALLY attack YOU which I hope to never do). I have been known for arguing but I do not want this site to be used as a debate forum. These are MY thoughts. I am not always right but if the thought has already gone through my feel/think/know process, then it is obviously to the point of being a belief and I refuse to believe things that are not true. If you have some truth that will enlighten me, then by all means, let me know; but there are many things that God himself will have to clarify for me before I change my mind so there is no sense in mindless bickering. Also...I HATE political correct anything so don't expect to see a lot of it here.

And just one last note of explanation-I just watched the republican national convention speeches and really thought about writing about it. Everyone says never talk politics or religion....Well my Christianity is all that is important to me and what I try to base my life on. This year I have really followed more in politics than EVER before and feel so much more knowledgeable than before. When I think I know something I naturally want to share that knowledge! How can I write my true thoughts and feelings if I were to avoid those 2 topics? The answer is I CAN'T so be forewarned.


Anonymous said...

What do I say to this? Your scaring me just a little. Don't let your true colors show because nobody likes a rainbow. I love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at your blog too. DUN..DUN..DUN! lol

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