Friday, September 12, 2008


All homeschoolers talk about it and I thought I was pretty good at it(I'm no Martha Stewart but I have always done OK). This summer when I knew I would have All the kids home ALL the time, I really started trying to get more organized. We rearranged both kids rooms and the school/play room. I got rid of tons of things I had accumulated but now knew were not gonna work for our school. I thought I had done pretty good! I WAS WRONG!! Since we have been doing school (about a month) I have to sit with the kids through our whole school day. I have to read everything to the girls and help them through their assignments. Kenyon and Jacinta are doing the unit study so I have to be very involved with them as well(partly because it is fun and also because I am learning as much about geography as they are-I never had a geography class). I have been lucky to cook everyday and load the dish washer. That is literally about all I was accomplishing. I looked around the other day and realized MY HOUSE IS NASTY! I mean unlike any thing I had ever lived in before!(I thought about before and after pictures but decided whatever you imagine is probably better than the real thing.) Luckily my husband is not a clean freak and still loves me. Normally when I think my house is awful he says it is not so bad. This time he agreed with me so I know it was bad. I called an emergency fall break for Thursday and Friday and we have spent the last 2 days cleaning and ORGANIZING. You should have seen all the laundry that I have gotten folded and PUT UP!! I still have a pile of laundry but now it is a neat pile that does not obstruct my laundry room door. I have gone through everyones clothes and now have 4 boxes to send off to the thrift store. WE HAD SOOOO MUCH JUNK!!! The kids think I am crazy! They have really been doing pretty good but can't seem to understand MY definition of clean. I am going to make a chore chart next week and really start implementing it(they will really think I am crazy then!). They have always had to help out but now I see the need for structured daily chores! Most schools have a staff of janitors so no reason ours shouldn't. There is NO WAY I can maintain the house and school by myself! School has gone great so far but keeper of the home as not been so good! The good news is-I AM LEARNING and I am happy to say that now my house is back to livable(so no need to call DHS). We are gonna figure this out! I have got some plans to rearrange the living room next! I have always been a list person but realize I need to become a DAILY list person. I am gonna get a notebook and really plan out daily and weekly house things that must get done. I would LOVE to know what things have worked for you!! PLEASE-any help is welcome!

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Kelli said...

Oh, this sounds sooo much like my house!!! I spent all summer getting ready to homeschool. Made a chart of daily household chores to keep everything running smoothly. But life happened and I got behind. So I have been spending the last couple of weeks doing a few extra things here and there to get caught up. (my wonderful hubby took the kids shopping for a few hours Saturday and I got both bathrooms done without any "helpers")Finally got back to the point where I be back to little things daily to make a big difference. Big fan of daily lists. (my list even has which sheets to change what day)

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