Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We finally finished the pinatas. I am very proud of Fred the dinosaur! I think he turned out awesome and NO we are not gonna bust him. Jacinta made Hannah Montana, Kalysa did BOB the tomato and, since the head fell off of Keslee's duck, she made a hot air balloon. Jacinta does not want to bust hers either but the little girls can't wait to smack theirs. I have got to get some candy and we may do that this weekend. We learned a lot about paper mache and what works best and what really doesn't do so great. In case anyone else is wanting to do pinatas, here is what I now know.....
1.The bigger the balloon is not always better!
2.Instead of dipping the paper in the glue(we used liquid starch) it is much easier and less mess to paint it. With a medium paint brush, paint glue on the spot to put the paper and then paint glue over the paper.
3.Do not pop the balloon until all decoration is done. We have a few crators.
4.It is not a quick project. It takes 24-48 hours for it to dry. We did 2 layers of paper-dry-2 more layers of paper-dry-docoration with tissue paper-dry-then some painting to finish the decoration(paint drys pretty quick).
5.It takes more stuff than you expect (at least if you make 4)-we used almost 3 bottles of starch(if we would have used paint brushes in the begining that would have been less)-6 or 8 newspapers and over 1/2 of a 50 sheet pack of tissue paper.
6.A little creativity goes a long way!!
7.It is messy but really FUN!
Hope you all like the photos!


Anonymous said...

Love the Pinatas! You all did a great job. Mel and I may try this. What kind of paint did you use? The kids are getting so much taller! Love to all, DeDe

char said...

DEDE, I know Mel would LOVE it! We did most of the decoration with tissue paper and paint on the faces. We got a 10 pack of different colors of kids washable paint at wal-mart for about $5.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! They turned our really good. It's tempting to try with the boys, but I doubt it would be a good idea right now! It makes me more excited about starting school next year though! Fun Stuff!!! Deborah

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