Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well the phone guy was here this afternoon and found out that my phone is not working and the problem is in the outside cable-DUH! HELLO, I TOLD YOU THAT! So this guy was a LINE technician and could not fix it so he had to put in a report for the CABLE technician. He should be out tomorrow. And they are not even nice like the cable tv people that say "your appointment is between 10am-12pm and someone will need to be home." The phone company says "your appointment is between 8am-6pm and someone will need to be home."THANKS!! I WAS NOT PLANNING ON HAVING A LIFE TOMORROW! I WILL NOT EVEN TAKE A SHOWER IN CASE I MISS THE DOORBELL! YEEHAW! I can feel the sarcasm starting to kick in(did you notice that too?). It is a coping technique. Sorry!

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