Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I finally got the chore chart finished. The top picture shows the chore cards. I used photos from a free clip art website (not sure which one, I looked through several) and pasted them onto a 3x5 card and covered them with laminate. On the back the chore is written out. That way Keslee and Kalysa can see what the chore is even though they can not yet read them all. Each of the kids have 2 pockets on the chore chart. I will put chore cards in their "DO" pocket. Throughout the day they will work on things in the "DO" pocket. When they have finished the chore they move the card to the "DONE" pocket. I will check their done pockets. If I see that the chore is complete, I return the card to the "CHORE CARDS" pocket to be redistributed later. If the chore is not completed or not completed correctly, I return the card to their "DO" pocket. I have had the cards finished for a few days and the kids have gone through them all and become familiar with what each picture means. They were anxiously awaiting the completion of the chart itself and were quite excited to begin (pray that excitement will stay!!). When I finally got the chart finished and posted today, I gave each one a few cards in their "DO" pocket(we only had a few hours before church so I didn't expect too much.) They immediately jumped into action and each of their individual personalities came pouring out.
Kenyon-the oldest, always feels he has to do everything, wants to find the quickest, easiest way to finish anything that is not playing so that he can go back to playing-was the first one to the chart going through every card in his pocket and his sisters switching the ones he did not want or that may take him any time at all. We will have to come up with a system that will prevent that behavior but for now I am going with threats of more chores if you get into anyone else's pockets or switch any cards!
Keslee-my pleaser and peacekeeper, always wants to make EVERYONE happy, is very giving and nurturing and most often the least selfish person in the house-started running around doing her chores and doing other chores she knew we had cards for that had not been assigned, going through the chore card pocket to find the cards for others she did and putting them in her done pocket. New rule-only PARENTS can put cards in or take cards out of the chore card pocket.
Kalysa-the baby, the perfectionist that is harder on herself than anyone else would ever dream of being, the one that will take so long just to cut out a craft as to make sure she does it PERFECTLY ON THE LINES that Keslee can finish her school lesson AND the same craft before she is finished cutting-started in on her chores and then just stood at the chart. When questioned, she told me what she had finished. I told her to put that card in the done pocket. She says what if there are more(bring any dishes from other rooms to the sink.) I tell her to go check again. When she returns she stands there a minute and then says "I don't know what to do with this card." She had trouble putting anything in the done pocket because she is never really DONE with anything. There is always something she is STILL doing or doing AGAIN in order to get it just right. I have no clue on how to remedy her situation (maybe because she kinda gets that trait from her momma?!?)

So now we have a chore chart and all the individual issues that go with it. I can't wait to see how this thing turns out. We may be all seeking counseling before long.


Anonymous said...

Great Job!! I'm glad you're ahead of me in all of this. I'll be coming to you for advice on what works and what doesn't by next year! lol ~Deborah

Anonymous said...

Oh it is not right for me to have chore chart envy!
Great job. Love the pictures.

Amy said...

Wow! That is a great idea! I am impressed. chore chart envy is the only thing you can call it. I had better get on the ball. Thanks for the ideas. I will let you know how it all turns out. talk to you soon.

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