Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well the bailout plan did not pass the vote in congress and many people were really shocked. The news had already reported that the agreement had been made and they made the vote sound like just a technicality. I have not written anything on the bailout before because I am no economic scholar and wasn't really sure how I felt about it. Well I have been watching, reading, and discussing and now I know that I don't like it and don't want it. I do not see ANY reason for the American people to pay for these financial giant's mistakes. When Monty and I mess up our check book by even $100, NOBODY bails us out and we don't ask them to. We have to buckle down, start over and fix our own mistake and we have to suffer the consequences of that mistake. Why should they be any different. I truly do not want to have to live through another "great depression" because I know that it would suck! It would be VERY hard but mainly because we are VERY spoiled. Running water and a bathroom inside the house was a luxury. Now people don't have luxuries. Cell phones and cable and Mcdonalds and this computer are all necessities in the eyes of Americans. The people that lived through the depression proved that Americans are smart and resourceful. They came together and buckled down and did what they had to do and our country prospered because of it. They survived and we can too. Feeling the pain of hard times is not a bad thing. When we raise our children we try to let them feel the pain of not getting everything they want. We try to teach them to be grateful for what they do have. We have to make them face the consequences of their bad choices. We know they will never know joy without feeling sorrow. We do not keep them from all the tuff things kids have to go through, we utilize them to teach lessons. We do this in order to make them strong and responsible adults. The problem is that many of the adults running things now are not strong or responsible. If we begin bailing out the people that have destroyed our economy we are opening the door for them to do the same thing to us again. We are not teaching our children the skills they would need to survive. The only way for Americans to tap into these skills is to be faced with these challenging times and deal with them. We will learn from them. We will be more careful about how we elect next time. We will learn to appreciate the things this country has to offer. We will buckle down, start over and fix our system. WE THE PEOPLE will do it not we the government with the people's money.
note for election time...
Our congressman, Dan Boren said his office was flooded with calls and emails against the bailout 400 to 1 yet he still voted for it saying he knows more than the American people. His job is to represent us yet he voted against his people when there was no shadow of a doubt what they wanted. We do not need congressmen that feel they are going to Washington to protect us from ourselves. We need congressmen that will listen and REPRESENT us.

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