Monday, September 22, 2008


I know that there are many Christians that are concerned about voting for John McCain because he is a little more liberal than many of us are really comfortable with. There are many that will not be voting for him because of this and will choose to vote for someone in a party other than democrat or republican. I can definitely understand their stance but I also know that either McCain or Obama will be the next president. Those are the 2 choices we have. Third party nominees are not on the ballet in all states and their views are not heard by enough people to give them a chance in winning. Being Christians, we should always be praying for our country and it's leaders. Prayer is our most powerful resource and we should be taking full advantage of it. I remember several times when our "old" preacher used to say things like "Imagine if Hitler had gotten saved when he was at the height of his power." That is the outlook I am choosing to take on this election. Imagine what can happen if John McCain wins and then is truly saved during his stay in the white house!?! I know McCain already claims to be a Christian and we can not judge someone else's heart. Only God knows what is in your heart. We can judge people actions and some of his actions are what have many Christian voters concerned. Based on the things I have seen and read about Sarah Palin, she is a Bible believing, God fearing, strong Christian woman. With her and her husband as a witness for God to the McCain family, imagine what could happen! If we were to have a true revival take place in the white house with the president, his family, the vice president and her family-WOW! That is what this country truly needs. REVIVAL! It is time! We have got to get our country back into God's will or suffer His wrath! This could be the opportunity for that to take place. I know McCain/Palin has not yet won the election but I don't believe we should wait to start the prayers. Obama is sooooo far away from having any conservative Christian views it is not real probable that he is the one to bring revival(nothing is impossible with God so if he were to win, I think our prayer should be the same). Just take a few moments to imagine the possibilities! Do you see the vision of what could happen in our country? Can you picture living in a country that is back on the RIGHT side of God's law instead of fighting against it? Do you believe God is in control and has the power to make that happen? Do you believe God is bigger than the giants? Well if you really do why are you still reading this silly blog when YOU SHOULD BE PRAYING!?!?!?

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Amy said...

You are crazy!! Bring it on!!
Anything is possible.

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