Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yes, today was my birthday. Last night on the way home from church Keslee was wondering what we were gonna do for my birthday. I told her I would get a cake mix and we would make a cake. That upset her because she said I can not make my own cake. Then she got upset because she did not have any way to get me a present. I told her the best present I could get would be for the kids to finish their chores, get the living room and play room cleaned up, their rooms cleaned and no fighting all day. So that just made her cry! I asked her why she was crying and she said "WE CANT WRAP THAT!" I just told her that it would be ok. Kalysa asked me what I wanted to have on my cake? I said(not realizing I needed anything besides icing) I did not know and asked what she thought I should have on it. She said "Maybe like blue icing and rainbows!"
Monty got home from work waaaayy early and surprised me with a card and a gift card for wal-mart with instructions that I was not allowed to buy for anyone but myself. This morning I headed out to shop for myself. WOW how long has it been since I have done that?!? Well I got myself a few presents and when I got home I gave the sack to the kids and some tissue paper. They got to pick what they wanted to give me and WRAP it. Kenyon baked the cake, with a little help from Keslee. I also bought 4 tubes of writing icing and gave them to the kids. They decorated to cake together. They had drawn some pictures and written "happy birthday". Of course they had to use EVERY drop of the icing in the tubes so, due to the lack of space, they had to write over everything. The end result looks kinda like an explosion of confetti.
So there ya go! All problems were solved! The kids got to give me Wrapped presents, I did not have to bake my own cake, and there was "something" on the cake in the way of decorations. My dad brought the ice cream and we had a party!=) The kids were happy! -and i was happy that we only had 25 candles in the house!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great day. Precious little ones to want to make sure Mama is taken care of~Sweet! Now don't you feel special and BLESSED!?! Love it.

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