Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So many times the kids say something that is just priceless. I have decided to start documenting some of those sayings so I can always have them. This first post is a few things that I remember them saying recently and I will try to list new ones as they happen. Please feel free to share your own kids cute sayings in the comments!!

Kenyon: One day when we were driving along in silence we saw a squirrel run out in the road in front of the truck that was in front of us. While under the truck, he got scared and turned around and then jumped up resulting in getting smacked by the truck. Kenyon and I both gasped at the same time and looked at each other. Kenyon broke the silence with "I sure hope he got saved at squirrel church!" We laughed for miles!!!

Kalysa: While getting ready for a bath one night, she needed help to take her shirt off. As soon as I pulled it over her head she looked down and said "Nope! My b***ies haven't grown out yet!" I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE HAD BEEN WAITING ON THEM!!

Keslee: One day she was getting a little restless in church and was making a little too much noise. I explained to her that we had some new kids sitting with us and she needed to be the example of how to sit in church so that they could learn how Christian kids are supposed to act. She said Ok and straightened up. The next week she asked "What am I supposed to be again?" I said "An Example." She said "oh yea!" and sat quietly for a few minutes. Then she leaned over to me and asked "Mom, what IS an example?" I guess her knowing what the word means would help!


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Kids crack me up. That's what I like about teaching them. You get to hear all their cute 'ideas'!!

char said...

That is one thing I love about homeschooling too! I can't believe I was gonna let some stranger have all those moments with MY kids!

Anonymous said...

Isn't God good to give you those moments and to show you what He wanted you to do?!
Jayson cracked up at Kalysa's. That was hilarious. =)

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