Monday, October 13, 2008


Finally the gas prices are coming down. Here in town it is (was last night) $2.59 but in parts of Oklahoma City it is down to $2.29. Personally I think this is great. You would think that everyone would think so but that is not so. The news stations are trying to tell us that the drop in prices is just proof that our economy is failing. They are saying that since Oklahoma is largely an oil and gas economy, falling gas prices are a bad thing. There is even talk of slowing down production because of the lower prices. They want us to feel bad that we can almost afford to fill up the car again. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! The Oklahoma and Texas economies both have strong oil and gas ties. It is something that we have taken pride in as a state. We are proud of the number of jobs that these industries provide. I have several family members that have worked in the oil fields for many years and they make a decent living. They have always made a decent living, even when the gas was $1.00 per gallon or $2.00 a gallon. We were just as proud of the industry then. The industry was just as large a part of our economy then as it is now. The only thing that the dramatic drop in price has proven to me is that there was never a valid reason for the dramatic increase! People can finally relax a little. We can afford to go back and forth to work and maybe even have a few dollars left over to SPEND elsewhere. Before the huge increase, we would "run" to Tulsa(about 2 hours away) to see family several times a year and they would, more often, "run" here to see us. We ended up being together every month or at least every other month. This past year of crazy gas prices has drastically reduced that. I have gone to my niece's birthday party, then went to work for my sister in law while she was on vacation(she paid me) and then went to watch my sister's kids (she paid me). We have not even been able to go out to see Monty's mother in El Reno(about an hour away) in several months. I prefer to do my grocery shopping in Edmond where the taxes are cheaper and I can often find really good prices at Crest. I have not even done that in the last year. The 20 minute trip is just too far for me to use the gas. We have had to be sure Monty was gonna be able to make it to work every day and that is a 20 minute drive-I could not waste any gas on a trip to Edmond. With the gas at a slightly more reasonable price, maybe we can start to live a normal life again. Maybe we can "run" to El Reno to visit Nana or take a trip into Edmond for better grocery deals. Maybe we can take a field trip to the Cowboy Hall of Fame all the way in the City(by the way I know the name has changed-just don't remember to what. Also free admission in October on Wednesdays{I think}). I may be able to spend a few dollars in a store or a museum or a drive through because I did not have to put it in my gas tank. Could someone please explain to me how this is hurting things?!? The News has followed the gas prices and reported on record profits for the large oil companies. They have made comments about being hurt by the prices just like we all were. They often report or have links on their websites that track the cheapest places in town to purchase gas. They acted like they were on our side but as soon as we get a moment of relief, a second to take a breath, a glimmer of hope-They start reporting on what is so good for us is really bad. Instead of letting the fears of "how are we gonna keep gas in the car" rescind; They immediately start injecting fear of "Oh no! Why are the prices dropping? Something must be wrong!" GIVE ME A BREAK!! I AM NOT BUYING THAT!!!

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