Thursday, October 16, 2008


We are completing our trip to Canada this week. It took us a little longer than planned because we had a few days off so we just took our time. I did not want to travel to the next country in the middle of the week. While in Canada, Kenyon and Jacinta learned about the Inuits and how they live. We looked up some really neat pictures of real igloos and then tried to make our own(Kenyon's is pictured above). Between the two kids, they used 3 boxes of sugar cubes and tons of glue. It is really a lot harder than what we had anticipated. At least if we had been using snow, we could have molded and shaped it to seal any holes. Sugar cubes are not moldable! It actually took us 2 days to get the igloos finished. The kids got a few rows up and then could not get the roofs to stay still long enough to dry. Mom helped Jacinta finish the top of hers and I helped Kenyon. Lots of people use icing to hold the cubes but I already had problems with Kenyon eating his, if I would have added icing to the mix I am sure we would have nothing left to photograph. Next week we are off to Brazil!!

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