Thursday, October 16, 2008


I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE COUNTER TOP MIXERS!!! My Aunt Darla had a garage sale today. She always has the best garage sales because her step daughter and her sister in law always bring things as well and they always have really nice things. This afternoon we stopped to see what all we could not live without and I found it! (along with a couple of sets of sheets for my bed, a few really cute magnets for the refrigerator, a coat for Keslee and the few items Aunt Darla gave the kids for free). When I saw the mixer sitting on a table I was immediately drawn to it. I looked it over and then walked around then looked it over again and then walked around again. I was trying to decided if I should really spend any money at all (it was priced at $10 and was Darla's step daughters). About the 3rd time I was looking it over, Paul(step daughter's husband) said "that works really good and we will go down to $7". I was pretty much sold then but I did take it to a plug in and try out all the different speeds. They all worked. It is really old and I think that is probably a good thing as well. I have had 3 mixers in the last 10 years(my last one went out about a month ago and I have been doing without one-lumpy mashed potatoes and all). They just do not make things to last like they used to. I can not wait to try it out!

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