Thursday, October 30, 2008

Politics in Medicine

What was sooo wrong with the days of old where the doctors were doctors because they truly wanted to help people. When they would make a house call so you did not have to take your sick baby out on a cold winter night to see a doctor. When they would stop by in a few days just to check on their patient and have a cup of hot chocolate with the family. The days that the doctor would accept what you could give because he just wanted to help and you would give all you could because you truly appreciated him. Of course, I have never experienced those days in my lifetime but I have heard the stories. The transaction was between the doctor and the patients family-NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY AND THE GOVERNMENT. The doctors did it for the love of people and not the love of the money. Things are so ridiculous now and there is nothing in history that will ever make me believe that government controlled health care(Obama's or anyone else's) system will improve one single thing. Insurance requirements are so strict now it is easier to live sick than see the doctor. You can not even see a doctor without filling out about 10 pages of information. If you need a specialist-that is more paperwork and waiting for referrals to go through. You have to be there on the day and time they can see you regardless of your schedule. Don't even think about trying to reschedule! Don't stand too close to the counter, privacy policy, you may hear someone say something. We can't fill this has only been 28 days since you had it filled and it can only be filled every 30 days. We can not schedule you an appointment before you pay you outstanding balance of $1.35. When my mother had surgery last year, the doctor would not fill out the FMLA papers she needed to be able to take time off of work DURING her office visit($25 copay). He would only fill them out later and fax it to her job. For this fax (across town, not long distance, only a page or 2, on the same day as her office visit) she was then billed ANOTHER $25 copay. How crazy is that?!?! Well, I took Kalysa to the doctor on Tuesday to see the next step we need to look into about her leg(her muscle is really tight and she walks on her toe). Her medical records were still all at the pediatricians office that she went to when I had insurance through my job. Now we all see a doctor here in town. I asked the receptionist what I needed to do to get her records so that the doctor could see what all we have done in the past. "Oh just sign this medical release form and we can get them for you" I was told. No problem! Wow, something as simple as me signing a paper. This is a little more like it. That afternoon I got a call from her past pediatrician's office..."We received a request for Kalysa's medical records and I just wanted to verify the address of the office you want it sent to." Verified...."We'll get those out"...Thanks! So today is Thursday-just 2 days since our appointment-and I get mail from the pediatrician.......
POSTAGE $ 2.78

ARE THEY SERIOUS?!?!?! Why do I have to pay for my own child's medical records? Can they really keep your medical records from you? Don't we have a right to see our medical records whenever we want? Is it not our right to let any future doctor see the records to ensure the best medical care? I am outraged! I am supposed to pay a doctor that my child has not seen in 1 1/2 years for dropping some papers in the mail? Some papers that they recorded information in every time I did take her and they were paid AT THAT TIME for the service. This just really feels like I am being charged for things I have already paid for! If the issue was postage, I could have just as easily picked the records up myself. All they had to do was let me know. Shouldn't I have been informed of the charge? I could have opted out of getting them all together. I mean, I KNOW what all we have done and every detail of what she went through in the NICU. I could have just relayed all the info to the new doctor. I kept journals-my records probably contain most of the same info anyway. Could things get any more ridiculous than this? OH Wait! Of course they could! We could let the government completly control our health care. Things never get better with complete government control! If Obama is our president, and the government is controlling our health care-what all will we be paying then? I know one thing-I am pretty sure I can not afford it!!

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