Thursday, October 16, 2008


The other day I was searching for information about what the candidates views on homeschool are. I came across another homeschool mom's blog that was asking the same question(sorry, I failed to write down the name of the blog). She had posed the question to her readers in regard to what they had seen or read about Obama's views on education. She had not been able to find any solid information that stated his views specifically on homeschooling. That did not surprise me. The thing that did surprise me was found in the comments left by her readers. A number of the comments were homeschool moms that said that they believed there were bigger, more important issues to consider in this election than education. They did not really care to know his views on homeschool because it was not a top priority concern for them. I was shocked by this. Why do they homeschool their children in the first place if it is not a top priority? Would they really list things like the economy crisis and unemployment rates as a higher priority than their own children's best interests?

Since reading their comments, I have really been thinking about why we homeschool and how far am I willing to go to keep it. I have pulled my children out of the public school system because I truly believe it is in their best interest. I do not agree with many of the things they would have been taught in public schools. I do not believe that the way things are taught in school is the best way for kids to learn. I want my children to learn American history they way that it happened instead of the way it has been rewritten(3 or 4 times) in today's text books. I want my children to learn to be thinkers and not just someone that can memorize answers for a test. I want my children to learn about God and his creation through the Bible and also through hands on experience. I want to have a relationship with my children to where they will turn to their parents for answers and guidance instead of going behind our backs and turning to a teacher or their classmates. I want to share ALL the experiences that learning new things will bring instead of letting a teacher relate a few of them to me at a meeting a few times a year. I TOTALLY LOVE HOMESCHOOLING MY KIDS!!! I could not imagine EVER sending my children back into a public school setting. I would consider myself a really new homeschool mom(this is our 2nd year) but I can not see our life any other way. I pray that God will not see a need to test my convictions but I believe I would do whatever it takes to keep my children home with me. I have to! Homeschooling represents my children's life and their future. How could I put the economy or unemployment rate or any other issue before them? When I decided to homeschool, it was because I had been shown, through God's grace, His will for my life as the mother of my children. It is not something I take lightly and not something I am willing to set aside; therefore I would have to say that homeschooling is at the top of my list of priorities! What about you?

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Bethany said...

I can definitely understand your confusion. I don't understand how homeschooling could not be a priority in any homeschooling parent's life.

As for what my top priority's ending abortion. That's always been my number one issue...The thought that there are so many babies who are being killed legally every day in this country, it just hurts me inside so deeply.

The freedom to homeschool is definitely right up there with it, in my list of important issues. I can't imagine having to put them in public school. I love the freedom to be able to teach them at home and would hate to have that right ever stripped away.

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