Wednesday, October 29, 2008

THE votes are NOT in YET...

I do not go by or trust the polls but I think I would put more stock into this one because it is so random-anyone on yahoo homepage can vote-not mainly democrat-not mainly republican-just random Americans. Also it has almost 40000 respondants(as of 3:50pm today) and not just 1000 hand picked by the pollsters. Dont give up hope!! It has not yet been decided-regardless of what the media trys to tell you-BARAK OBAMA IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT! (and he does not have to be.)

Poll on the Yahoo homepage.......
Who will win the presidency? Results
Q. Barack Obama may be ahead in the polls (see a rundown at, but John McCain vows to pull out an upset win over his Democratic rival.Who do you think will win on Election Day?
John McCain 50%
Barack Obama 47%
Too close to call 3%
39583 votes

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